Statutory Responses to the Draft Neighbourhood Plan

ByMark Davies

Statutory Responses to the Draft Neighbourhood Plan


A total of 36 Statutory Bodies (SB) were contacted for WNP Final Public Consultation, 07 May – 21 June 2019. Ten SB sent substantial responses which are published here. Ten SB acknowledged receipt of documents. Sixteen SB did not respond. The two newly-elected (02 May) Ward Councillors for Beckley (including Holton) and for Wheatley, SODC Cllrs Gray and Kantor, were also contacted and engaged in phone discussions / correspondence with WNP Chairman.

Oxfordshire County Council – OCC response to Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan June 2019

South Oxfordshire District Council – SODC 2019-06 -19 Wheatley draft pre-submission consultation response [APPROVED] PDF

Wheatley Parish Council – WPC response to WNP 2019

Holton Parish Council – HPC response to WNP 2019

Historic England – Historic England 2019-06-19 Wheatley NP Pre-Submission HE RLS comments

CPRE Oxfordshire – CPRE response to WNP 2019

Thames Water – Thames Water 19.06.17 L CT South Oxfordshire Wheatley Draft Neighbourhood Plan 

Thames Water 19.06.17 L CT South Oxfordshire Wheatley Draft Neighbourhood Plan Site S…

National Grid – Nationalgrid Wheatley NP REP 07.06.19

Natural England – Natural England response to WNP 2019

Sport England – SportEngland Response to WNP 2019



The consultation on the draft Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan ended on the 30th June 2017 and since then we have been busily collating all of your feedback. In addition to the valuable responses from the community we’ve also received a lot of feedback from many of the statutory bodies we’ve engaged with.  We consider the letters from the Oxfordshire County Council, Natural England, Historic England and The Environment Agency to be particularly important:

Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group – EB WNP Pub.Con. response Clin. Com. Group. 17 May 2017

Oxfordshire County Council – EB Statutory Responses, OCC, WNP Pub.Con. May-June 2017

Thames Water – EB Statutory Responses, Thames Water, Pub.Con, May-June 2017

Homes and Community Agency – EB Statutory Responses, Homes and Communities, Pub.Con.May-June 2017

Natural England – EB Statutory Responses, Nat Eng WNP Pub.Con. May-June 2017

Historic England – EB Statutory Responses, Hist. Eng. WNP Pub.Con. May-June 2017

The Environment Agency – EB Statutory Response, Environment Agency, WNP Pub.Con.May-June 2017

Highways England, Pub. Con. Response 19th May – No comment as not affecting A34

Health and Safety Executive, Pub. Con. Response 7 June – No representation to make

Homes and Communities Agency (Carter Jonas representing) re. Chalgrove Airfield

CPRE – Acknowledged x 2 July 2017; workshop with, March 2017; referred to SODC/CPRE Committee

CTIL (Telecoms) – Acknowledged, May 2017

Consortium Policy Research, England – Acknowledged, July 2017

Gardens Trust – Acknowledged, June 2017

Gigaclear – Acknowledged, June 2017

Network Rail Assets – Nil Response

Plant Protection – Acknowledged, May 2017

SSA Planning – Acknowledged, May 2017

Southern Electric – Acknowledged, July 2017 (mystified)

Sports England – 9 August 2017 – WNP Statutory Bodies, Pub. Consultation, May-June 2017, Sport England

Chilterns Conservation Board – WNP Chilterns Conservation Board May 2018

Non-statutory but recommended by LGO office:

Royal Town Planning Institute (Planning Advice England, Neighbourhood Planning) – Detailed Response June 2017

New Responses – added 1st August 2017:

The National Grid – Wheatley NP National Grid Response 19.06.17

SODC – WNP pre-submission draft plan – SODC Response 27 07 17

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