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ByMark Davies 8th November 2023

Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan – then, now, and what happens next…

Schedule for the process from September 2019: 1. Submit to WPC for approval2. Submit to SODC3. Publish by SODC and start of 6 weeks Consultation4

ByMark Davies 12th May 2022

The Road to Adoption

During 2019 there was a change in the political leadership of SODC resulting in the intervention of the Secretary of State and considerable dela

ByMark Davies 12th May 2022

LP2035 and the WNP Review

The SODC Local Plan LP2035, adopted in December 2020, conferred on made Neighbourhood Plans the ability to release Green Belt for development. S

ByMark Davies 15th February 2022

The Evidence Base for the Draft Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan…and Beyond

The evolution of the Neighbourhood Plan since January 2016 has required many meetings, discussions, workshops, reports, surveys and responses, as