The Process

Key Stages Includes
1. Set-up

Defining Project Terms of Reference , Governance Arrangements, Team Roles & Responsibilities and the Roadmap

2. Community Launch

Defining the launch delivery media

Defining the Communications and PR Strategy for confirmation

Preparing for the Launch

Delivering the launch communication

Collecting key external inputs to the plan development process e.g. SODC Core Strategy, National Planning Policy Framework

Defining project templates and project budget

3. Consultation & Analysis

Gathering information about the plan area and likely changes

Finding out the local community’s aspirations and priorities (including Housing Needs Survey)

Drafting a vision for the area setting out a clear purpose for the Plan, including goals or objectives we want the plan to achieve

Identifying housing site options and gathering site information

Determining site selection criteria and weighting

Conducting Sustainability Analysis

4. Solution Development

Assessing and selecting housing sites and types of housing

Determining policies to help deliver the objectives of the plan

Determining improvements needed to address As-Is issues and likely changes

Finalising Sustainability Analysis

5. Plan Production

Finalising the structure of the Plan

Drafting the Plan including Basic Conditions Statement, Consultation Statement, SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment (or SA

Sustainability Appraisal, if appropriate), Equalities Statement (optional) and Consultation database

Reviewing the draft Plan with volunteers

Reviewing the draft Plan with WPC

6. SODC Review

Reviewing the draft Plan with SODC

Finalising the Plan for inspection

7. Inspection

Appointing the Examiner

Submitting the Plan for inspection

Finalising the Plan for the Referendum

8. Referendum

Placing the final decision with the community

Finalising the Plan for adoption by SODC

Adoption of the Plan by SODC

WNP Roadmap


Note: this roadmap was prepared in January 2016 with the intention of adoption by the end of 2017. Hope springs eternal! Adoption may now occur in April 2020.


WNP Roadmap Process

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