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  1. Why a Neighbourhood Plan? The Localism Act 2011 gives the community greater legal say in planning policies. Aligned with the District Local Plan [LP] it provides planning policies for an individual community.
  1. The NP is not a Planning Application. It is a set of planning policies, based on local opinion.
  1. The NP does not include policies for Traffic/Pedestrian Infrastructure. Infrastructure considerations can follow once LP and NP policies are adopted. In January 2018 OCC and the WNP Committee discussed the Infrastructure implications of the first Draft WNP following the Public Consultation of May-June 2017. After the forthcoming Public Consultation (April-May 2019) and subsequent Examination and Referendum, issues regarding Traffic and Pedestrian Infrastructure will be discussed in depth with OCC. The NP makes clear that this is of highest concern in Wheatley and Holton.
  1. SODC Strategic Site, Oxford Brookes University (OBU) Campus, Holton. How this site is developed – whether housing or another use – is outside the remit of the WNP. SODC has named it a Strategic Allocation of “’at least’ 300 houses”. Since 2016, the WNP Committee has proposed less ambiguous language (“approximately 300”) to describe the development together with more protection for that part of the site that would remain undeveloped.
  1. Should the OBU Strategic Site be developed for houses? Unquestionably, homes are needed. However, the consequences for Infrastructure should not be overlooked. Although the OBU traffic will cease, new traffic may increase Infrastructure concerns especially with regard to primary/secondary school traffic and commuting via A 40/M40.
  1. Should Green Belt be released? If the LP sets strategic policies and identifies exceptional circumstances then an NP can amend the Green Belt boundaries where the changes are evidenced and justified.
  1. WNP proposed enhancements (Littleworth and London Road at Ms Tombs’ Field and The Bungalows). An integrated enhancement proposal was first put to Public Consultation in May-June 2017. It proposed redevelopment of the Littleworth Industrial Estate together with relocation of the businesses at Littleworth to Ms Tombs’ Field, as part of a mixed development of light industry, affordable housing and recreational space. Development on The Bungalows’ site was also proposed for affordable homes.
  1. Capacities – Schools, Surgery, Public Transport and Policing, are all issues that require a mixture of Statutory and non-Statutory consultation. Before the Public Consultation in 2017, 26 Statutory Bodies and many voluntary groups were consulted. For the final Public Consultation, even more Bodies will be consulted.

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