Community & Business

The Community and Business Group are concerned with the wider repercussions to the Wheatley Community of further housing in the village. Our scope incorporates demography, schooling, medical services, local trade and business, sporting, cultural and religious provision and the use of open spaces and the local environment for the population of Wheatley.

We have collected evidence on the current provision of these services and facilities, and in the process, identified issues that may be of concern to the population. Through consultations and questionnaires we shall raise such issues, and establish the wishes and concerns of the community with respect to specific sites for housing, and the possible repercussions for services and facilities across the wider village in the future.

We shall re-assess our goals in the light of feedback from the community and liaise with other groups, such as housing and infrastructure, on the best options on the types of housing and housing location that is supported by residents within Wheatley.