Monthly Archive 12th May 2022

ByMark Davies

The Road to Adoption

During 2019 there was a change in the political leadership of SODC resulting in the intervention of the Secretary of State and considerable delays to the preparation and adoption of the Local Plan LP2034. As a consequence, on 27 February 2020, the Examiner modified the already submitted WNP by removing three of the proposed Village Enhancements in eastern Wheatley. In the absence of an adopted Local Plan these proposals were considered inappropriate as they required Green Belt release. A fourth proposed Enhancement in Littleworth, requiring no Green Belt release, was not modified.  In December 2020, 10 months after Examination, SODC and the Secretary of State reached agreement and the Local Plan, now LP2035, was adopted. Following Examination, the WNP was submitted to Referendum on 06 May, 2021, and ‘Made’ by a large majority of Wheatley and Holton residents.

ByMark Davies

LP2035 and the WNP Review

The SODC Local Plan LP2035, adopted in December 2020, conferred on made Neighbourhood Plans the ability to release Green Belt for development. So, with the support of SODC, the WNP Committee undertook a Review of the WNP during 2021. This Review now reinstates the three Village Enhancements that were part of the original proposals together with a new Design Guidance and Codes for development. The first draft of this Review (WNPR) has now been completed and the associated Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), required by NPPF policy, is at present being reviewed by statutory bodies. Once the SEA is completed then, together with the WNPR, they will be submitted to the residents of Wheatley and Holton for a Regulation 14 Pre-submission Consultation. Further information about this Consultation will be available in June 2022.