Monthly Archive 16th October 2020

ByMark Davies

Oxford Brookes Wheatley Site Update

At the end of 2018 SODC refused the Outline Planning Permission requested for the Oxford Brookes Wheatley Campus in Holton. In July 2019 an appeal was lodged which led to the recent Public Inquiry.

22 – 31 October 2019 Public Inquiry held on the Brookes Wheatley Campus. Two members of the WNP committee – John Fox and Roy Gordon – spoke at the inquiry as interested third parties. Here are their comments: WNP_comments_OBU_appeal_v06_RG     WNP in OBU Appeal Procedure. Oct 2019_JF

The Following also spoke at the Public Inquiry: HPC chairman Robert Barter for Holton Parish Council, WPC Councillor Toby Newman for Wheatley Parish council, SODC Councillor Sarah Gray for Beckley and Holton, and a Resident of Holton.

4 November 2019 At WPC meeting Cllr Toby Newman gave a summary of the Public Inquiry/ OBU issues here is the presentation he gave WPC PresentationTN

23 April 2020 OBU Appeal for Outline Planning Permission was upheld by Secretary of State for Housing, [500 homes, Wheatley Campus Site, Holton] combined DL IR and R to C_Oxford Brookes University.pdf (1) also see WNP brief update to WPC 01 June 2020. and statement from the WPC in the June/July 2020 edition of the Wheatley Newsletter.

16 October 2020 WNP Committee Response to Public Consultation by Inspector of Draft LP 2034 LP2034_consultation_WNP Oct. 2020 Response_reg_02 Committee Draft.docx_1-1 (3)