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Due to the national housing shortage the need for additional housing development in our area is inevitable. We will receive a draft quota of new housing from South Oxfordshire District Council for discussion lat-er this summer. The Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) provides an opportunity for the village to influence where new housing will be located.

The development of the Plan is a long and detailed process and to be accepted must involve the whole community providing information, opinion and ideas as well as factual information. It is a process which we believe is well worth the effort because once approved the Plan becomes part of national government’s planning policy and gives us all an opportunity to influence how our community develops over the next 20 years. The final Neighbourhood Plan will be the subject of a referendum of Holton and Wheatley, currently planned for late 2017.

On the 8th May 2017 the Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan Committee published its draft Neighbourhood Plan for consultation by the community. The consultation will last until the 30th June 2017 and all feedback is welcomed. The plan can be downloaded through the following link:


Comment and feedback:

  • electronically to the Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee, John Fox: wnpchairman@gmail.com or to the Parish Clerks
  • through the Parish and WNP websites
  • in writing to The Parish Office, The Merry Bells, 89 High Street, Wheatley OX33 1XP or to the box in Wheatley Post Office
  • and in person on WNP Open Day(s) / mini-Display sessions (more details to follow)

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