Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan – now and what happens next…

ByMark Davies

Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan – now and what happens next…

Schedule for the process from September 2019:

1. Submit to WPC for approval
2. Submit to SODC
3. Publish by SODC and start of 6 weeks Consultation
4. Consultation completed
5. The Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan, together with the outcome of the consultation, will be submitted for examination
6. Report from Examiner
7. Referendum on the final version of the Plan will be organised by SODC

Update as of 15 September:

02 September WPC approval
03 September Submission to SODC
06 September Published by SODC and start of 6 weeks Consultation which finishes at 5 pm on 18 October 2019. To see all the documents submitted – the version of the Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan being WNP.01 – go to the following web page:

Update as of 31 August:

The Final pre-Submission Consultation 07 May – 21 June 2019 was duly completed (see Evidence Base/Public Consultation for details).

Approximately 160 in total attended 4 events. 104 written responses were received and all were analysed with reference to the Draft WNP text.

Report made to Wheatley and Holton Parish Councils concerning responses submitted (see Evidence Base/ ‘Chairman’s Reports/attendance Parish Council (WPC/HPC) meeting’ 1 July 2019 for details).

The number of Statutory Bodies contacted during this Final Public Consultation was 36. Twenty -six of these acknowledged receipt and / or responded (see Evidence Base for link to details). 

On 28 August 2019 a meeting of WNP Committee endorsed the Draft NP version.



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Doug lamontPosted on  2:34 pm - May 29, 2019

I am generally in full support of this excellent, comprehensive and detailed plan for Wheatley, which shows vision and imagination whilst maintaining a totally professional and credible approach.
I would, however make the following observations; Firstly, Many people in the village are unclear as to the need or viability of creating a new village hall when there are already adequate venues within the village centre such as the Merry Bells.Sites for any new building would clearly not be available at the heart of the village.
Secondly, I am concerned by the assertion that no new development should be approved before and unless a new burial ground is provided. There is no legal requirement and no responsibility for any level of administration to provide burial grounds and whilst it is clearly desirable the plan will make itself a hostage to fortune should a suitable burial ground not be available, The Parish Council has already spent significant funds on researching sites within the village non of which has , so far, met the requirements of the environment agency and this includes land at “WHE15 ( miss Thom’s field). Additionally, it is not entirely clear that the taxpayers of Wheatley would support the very large investment in creating a burial ground ( in excess of £150,000) in order to facilitate what is a maximum of 8-10 burials per year.
Finally, The future of the OBU Wheatley campus is clearly crucial to the future of the plan and it is vital that the plan is approved on the basis that the current SODC local plan proposals for it under Strat14 are maintained or improved.

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